Klark Teknik DN530

Klark Teknik DN530


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DN530 Creative Quad Gate

With the unrelenting absorption of signal processing into digital mixing consoles, outboard gear now has to contribute something extra special merely to justify its space in the rack. The new DN530 Creative Quad Gate does just that. It brings some exciting new tools to the audio party. The DN530 features "Transient Accenting", a creative feature providing an easy way to enhance the attack envelope beyond merely opening the gate. This can provide up to 12dB of additional transient energy and its primary application is to provide additional impact on drums and percussion instruments, although it can be used to enhance the impact of many instruments, including acoustic stringed instruments such as guitar and piano.

Transient Accenting is unique in that it allows the operator precise control over the amount of enhancement applied to each channel of processing.

The DN530 brings a creative flare to drum channels with its unique accent feature which largely eliminates the need for excessive EQ or compression.

  • Quad channel gate
  • It features a unique progressively controllable accent level that emphasizes the start of a signal to increase the dynamic power within percussive signals
  • Gate attack is exponential which means it can be set extremely fast to reduce signal loss at the start of sounds while remaining sonically transparent - no clicks
  • Gate release is reverse exponential so it can be set relatively fast and blend in seamlessly with the natural decay of the material
  • Designed from an exemplary technical point of view, features extremely low noise and distortion levels
  • The gate features an advanced band pass side chain filter to increase trigger source discrimination
  • The gate provides rotary controls for all envelope characteristics and range
  • External key inputs and ducking facilities are provided
  • The status of bypass, solo and other major switches are boldly presented to avoid mistakes
  • Road worthy chassis
  • Balanced outputs
  • Auto switching power supply
  • 1U

DN530 Technical Specifications

Inputs - Four
Type: Analogue, electronically balanced female XLRs (Pin 2 hot)
Impedance: 10kΩ
Maximum input level: +22dBu
Common mode rejection: Typically, -80dB at 1kHz

Outputs - Four
Type: Analogue, electronically balanced male XLRs (Pin 2 hot)
Output impedance: <60Ω
Maximum output level: +22dBu
Signal drive capability: <600Ω

EXT SIDECHAIN inputs - Four
Type: Analogue, electronically balanced Jack sockets
Impedance: 20k
Maximum input level: +22dBu
Common mode rejection: Typically -60dB at 1kHz

SOLO BUS input - One
Type: Analogue, electronically balanced female XLR (pin 2 hot)
Input impedance: 20kΩ
Maximum input level: +22dBu
Common mode rejection: Typically -60dB at 1kHz

SOLO BUS output - One
Type: Analogue, electronically balanced male XLR (pin 2 hot)
Output impedance: <60Ω
Maximum output level: +22dBu
Signal drive capability: <600Ω

Maximum gate gain reduction: Greater than -90dB
Maximum accent gain: +12dB
Maximum signal level any input or output: +22dBu
Noise at main output with unity gain: -94dBu
Distortion at 1KHz 0dBu with steady unity gain condition: <0.05%
Signal delay: 0 seconds
Frequency response: ±0.5dBu (input to output), 20Hz to 20kHz
Dynamic range: >116dB (22Hz to 22kHz unweighted)

Threshold: Scale = -50dB to +25dB
Range: Scale = -4 (minus infinity) to 0dB
Attack: Scale = 30µs to 10ms
Release: Scale = 2ms to 2s
Hold: Scale = 2ms to 2s
Accent: Scale = 0dB to +12dB

Sidechain filter: Scale = 40Hz to 16kHz

Audio: 3-pin XLRs (male and female) and 1/4" TRS balanced jack sockets
Power: 3-pin IEC

Power requirements
Voltage: 100VAC to 240VAC ±10%
Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
Consumption: <25W

Height: 44.5 mm (1.75"), 1U high
Width: 483 mm (19")
Depth: 305 mm (12")

Net: 4.6 kg
Shipping: 5.6 kg

Temperature: +5°C to +40°C

Temperature: -20°C to +60°C

Due to a policy of continual improvement, KLARK TEKNIK reserves the right to alter the function or specification at any time without notice.

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